Music is such an amazing gift. NO student will be turned down for lack of money.

 Geni offers Woodwinds and Piano lessons in his studio in Vestavia and in your home. 
 Online (Skype) lessons are available also.

In my lessons I focus on:

1) Improvisation (we learn practical music theory, improvisation devices, learn interesting modes etc.. )

2) Ear Training (functional performance oriented ear training. We do exercises with and without the instrument. Learn music by ear and we write it down etc..)

3) Repertoire (learn repertoire of the tradition we are studying: classical music, jazz, Japanese Minyo Songs, Honkyoku)

4) Development of Personal Style (We work together to develop your music. Your songs or improvisations. There are so many ways to approach music. We analyze the music you create and make a plan on how you can achieve your goals.)